We are the people of Georgian Bay.  The massive "6th Great Lake" that gives us all sooo much.  Thank you to the Anishinaabe people for letting us share this wonderful four season playground. Miigwech Chi-miigwech!

Let’s all connect and find a way to share, support and give back.  WE THE BAY is our chance.  Please join us in celebrating all that makes us unique.  All that connects us 😊

My brother and sister and I grew up on GBay.  In the summer we didn’t see a car.  Legs over the bow, we giggled and laughed as we explored the water, rock and beaches of GBay.  In the winter, we woke up early to ski the hills of Blue Mountain.  In between, a Jack & Jill in Parry Sound here, a Wedding in Owen Sound there, an excursion to the North Channel….life has always been filled with laughter, sun, a flair for adventure….and an unusual respect for the sunset! The time that brings us all together!!

It’s time we recognized this special place we all hold so dear.  Whether you’re a cottager or someone fortunate enough to live here year-round.  Whether you’re a Boater or like to fish.  Whether you downhill or XC ski. Whether you enjoy fine dining or smores.  We all have something to be grateful for.  All of us!

It’s our hope that this website will bring us closer together.  Give us all a place to share and appreciate what’s going on around us.  And in the process, enrich and support each other.

So please, dig in.  Share.  Wear your pride on your sleeve.  And in these “unprecedented times”, let’s remember the place we find so special.  Our home.  Because….    

                                      WE THE BAY!

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